Sportsfuel Smart Shaker Black 600ml

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Designed for people of any age on the go, the Sports Fuel Super Shaker is an incredibly versatile, all-in-one drinking and storage solution.Features a 600ml fluid reservoir with snap in strainer with 3 compartments that can be used for liquids, storing pills or powders to cover all your needs.Lump free, rattle free smooth shakes every time with our internal mesh filter. Leak free design makes shaking and storing safe.The mixer strainer snaps in place into the lid and stays on securely - no rattling sound or loose parts that easily get lost.Embossed ounce and milliliter markings on side of protein shaker bottle to know exactly what you are adding.These BPA -FREE shaker bottles have clearly marked measuring levels, so your shake tastes great and always measures up. Pre-workout or post-workout, our smoothie cups are a must-have fitness accessory to have in your arsenal.With its easy-to-screw-on lid, this leak-proof protein shaker bottle will prevent spills on your countertops and sinks. No mess, minimal clean-up, and you’re ready to get on with your workout at your home gym or in the basement with the free-weights.
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