Sportsfuel Pro Grip D Handle

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  • DURABLE STRUCTURE: Crafted from high-quality steel with a polished chrome finish and non-slip handle for lasting performance. Suitable for indoor fitness.
  • VERSATILITY: Target triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abdomen for a comprehensive workout. The D handle ensures an excellent grip, enabling proper posture and increased weight movement.
  • GYM CABLE ATTACHMENTS: Compatible with weight training machines, expanding your exercise options and engaging various muscle groups with our versatile cable attachment.
  • STRONG GRIP DESIGN: Tailored for all cable systems, supporting weights up to 350 kg for a robust and effective workout experience.
  • ANTI-SLIP RUBBER GRIP: The metal Lat Pulldown rubber handles offer a superior grip, enhancing comfort and ease for exercises like rows, shoulder squeezes, or deadlifts.

The Sports Fuel D-Handle is a robust addition to your home gym or Smith machine, designed for optimal upper body muscle development. Crafted with high-quality steel, a polished chrome finish, and non-slip handles, this attachment ensures durability and reliability for your indoor fitness sessions.

Its versatility shines through as it targets triceps, biceps, back, shoulders, and abdomen muscles. The D handle not only provides an excellent grip but also promotes proper posture, allowing you to move more weight with ease.

Compatible with weight training machines, this D-Handle expands your exercise repertoire, engaging various muscle groups for a well-rounded workout experience. The strong grip design accommodates all cable systems, supporting weights up to 350 kg, ensuring a powerful and effective training session.

The anti-slip rubber grip on the metal Lat Pulldown handles adds an extra layer of comfort, making exercises like rows, shoulder squeezes, or deadlifts more enjoyable and effective. Elevate your workout routine with the Sports Fuel D-Handle for a comprehensive and satisfying fitness experience.

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